implant kit: ihde dental system


Perfectly manufactured precision implant with double-sandblasted endosseous section.

Implant with internal octagon and 8°internal cone. For anti-rotational superstructures.

These implants with a head diameter of 6.5 mm can be used, if adequate bone is available, for posterior single crowns with the width of one premolar in dentate and partially/fully edentulous ridges as for superstructures retained by bars and ball attachments.

Hexacone® 6+2

Hexacone 6+2 has been developed for the area of the molars in the upper and the lower jaw. In the upper jaw this implant may be used as a compression screw. Endosseous length 6mm. The upper border of the 75° reverse konus should end at the level of the bone or slightly above it.The surface is sandblasted and acid etched (high temperature). After this the implants receive an osmoactive coating or are packaged in concentrated osmoactive solution.


Drive implants are identical to Xigñ® implants,except that they feature an internal cone of 20°in addition to the internal hexagon.


The Allfit® KOS® dental implant system is made of the highly fracture-resistant Ti6Al4V ELI titanium alloy pursuant to ASTM F136. The implants are single-piece implants with an apical compression thread and straight, flexible or angled solid abutment. Suitable for crowns, bridges and bar connectors. The compression screw design facilitates immediate prosthetic loading, provided surgical placement was carried out correctly (restoration placed within three days or less).

BCS® 3.5 / 4.5

Screw-type implant, bicortically inserted, for use with dental bridges. Assuming the indication permits, this implant can be inserted in the extraction socket immediately after extraction and loaded immediately in many cases.

Smoothly machine-surfaced in all areas. The abutment head is identical with the KOS implant head and with a TSD4 abutment. Self-tapping thread, with endosseous anti-reverse protection.

Bone Level Plus®

The surface has been sandblasted, etched in a high-temperature process and given an osmoactive coating.


Lateral implant for dental and maxillofacial applications. The implant bed is prepared using the rotary instruments of the BOI® implant system.


One-piece implants with longitudinal oval threaded pin (1.95 mm × 2.1/2.3 mm ø) height of the implant head, 7.2 mm width of the implant head, 3.5 mm sandblasted head


Smart² implants are first sandblasted and subsequently etched in a high-temperature process. The surface is coated with Osmoactive® and exhibits excellent bone affinity.

Smart² implants are equipped with an external hex and feature a polished transition zone.


The Place® Implant System features a 3-dimensional compression-thread on the bone-side. The Trilobe internal connection provides save anti-rotation and allows secure seating of the abutment. A large variety of abutments is available. all Place® parts as well as the implants are compatible to the Replace-System of Nobel-Biocare®