Me too deluxe acteon whitening device

SuniRay2: The Next Wave of the World's #1 Sensor

Discover MeToo, a totally new range of Professional whitening products, both comprehensive and wideranging to cover all your patients requirements! MeToo provides you with fast, effective and gentle strategies of treatment for chairside as well as for take-home whitening to give your patients the smile they deserve. Powerful whitening lamps, complete whitening kits, innovative disposable retractors with integrated suction system, new changing-color dental dam: everything is clearly presented and easy-to-use to make your work simple and your patients happy.


  • Complete kit for one patient
  • Unique retractor with integrated suction unit
  • 3 syringes with 30% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • One hour treatment: isolation + 3 sessions of 15 minutes each
  • Unique light-curing dam: changes color when cured !
  • MeToo Calm included to decrease teeth sensitivity if needed

2.Enhance efficacy


  • 3 disposable trays filled with 8% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • After chairside whitening to stabilize the results
  • No need to take impressions
  • High viscosity gel

Powerful whitening lamps

  • Double activation:
    Photonic: Blue light 450-480 nm
  • Thermic: IR light 835-865 nm
  • No UV light that can damage soft tissues Optical power (radiometric):
    5W (blue light), 1.5W (IR)
  • 3 programs:
  • Full: 100% blue + 100% IR
  • Medium: 50% blue + 50% IR
  • Cold: 100% blue, no IR

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